Ways to Serve

Small Group Meal Service

Serving the meal on class nights is a wonderful way for small groups to serve together To learn more, please review the overview document below as a small group and contact a coordinator for an upcoming class.

We have provided Meal Prep Guides with recipes, costs, and prep instructions for a typical Families Count class night. When you sign your small group up to serve we will also ask which meal you plan to prepare. You will need to provide main course, drinks, and a salad if there are no green sides are part of the meal. We strongly suggest (but do not require) that you prepare one of our supplied recipes. If you choose to prepare something else we will want to know what that is, and to ensure you've thought thru how to prepare and serve for approximately 50-75 people.

Details about the facilities of the class location are available on the Upcoming Classes page, to help you in determining what to prep at home vs. the church.

Parent Mentoring

For those seeking to connect directly into the life of a parent or family in crisis, there is the opportunity to mentor. Parenting experience is desirable, but not required. There are both training and heart-orientation requirements for those seeking to mentor. To learn more please review the Mentor Overview document below and contact a local ministry leader.


Many of the parents who attend our classes need childcare in order to attend. We provide that childcare at the church on class nights. There are training and background-check requirements to serve in childcare, and we need individuals with a heart for children, particularly a willingness to care for children who may have suffered trauma. Contact a ministry leader to learn more.


Some Families Count parents need transportation assistance in order to attend. When that is the case we are committed to helping them get to class. If possible, when needed and where it makes logistical sense, we like for mentors to be the ones to bring their parent to class, for the built-in bonding time in the car. However, we occasionally need others to help provide transportation assistance. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact a ministry leader.


If you have a heart for families in crisis, significant parenting experience, and gifts in teaching / leading small groups, there is a great need for married couples to serve as class teachers (aka "co-leaders"). Teachers must undergo mentor training as well as deep dive training in the curriculum. Teachers are asked to prepare and teach every night of a class session, and will ideally develop relationships with the parents beyond the class. If interested, contact a ministry leader.

Ministry Leadership & Coordination

To grow the ministry to new churches, as well as to keep leaders fresh in established churches, it is important to grow the base of leaders willing to coordinate different aspects of the Families Count ministry. There are roles of service ranging from coordinating logistics of class nights to driving the ministry within a church by spearheading volunteer recruitment, overall ministry logistics, and vision casting. If interested, contact a ministry leader.